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Offered Curriculums

Providing Everything Your Child Needs On A Daily Basis


"Introducing our curriculums to families is all about clear communication and excitement for their child's growth. It's key to highlight how our curriculum(s) are tailored to foster development at every stage, with a focus on nurturing curiosity and a love for learning. Transparency is crucial through explaining how each activity aligns with the educational goals that helps parents see the value and thoughtfulness behind the program. Consistency in our updates and feedback ensures parents feel involved and reassured that their child is in a supportive and enriching environment. It is all about building a partnership with our parents, where their input and engagement are also welcomed and valued."


Frog Street

Our Frog Street curriculum is all about diving into a world of fun and learning! It's especially designed for little explorers, with interactive and engaging activities that cover all the essential early learning domains. From math and science to literacy and arts, Frog Street sparks curiosity and encourages those 'aha!' moments. Plus, it's built on a foundation of research, so you know kids are getting the best start. It's a colorful, musical, hands-on adventure that our kids just can't get enough of! 🐸


The STREAMin3 curriculum is a real game-changer for our childcare center! It's all about engaging kids with core skills like reading and math, but also with STREAM skills - science, technology, reading, engineering, arts, and math. And it doesn't stop there; it also focuses on nurturing social and emotional growth. This curriculum is interactive, filled with hands-on activities that make learning a blast. Kids get to explore, ask questions, and discover the world around them in the most playful and imaginative ways. It's just the perfect blend of learning and fun! 🌟



The VKRP (Virginia Kindergarten Readiness Program) is an incredible program that sets our little learners up for success as they transition into kindergarten. It focuses on assessing and promoting key skills, such as language, literacy, math, social skills, and self-regulation. Through fun and engaging activities, VKRP helps identify areas where children may need additional support and provides resources to help them thrive. It's a comprehensive approach that ensures our kids are well-prepared and confident as they take their next big step in their educational journey. With VKRP, we're giving our children the best possible start! 📚


Our PALS-K program is a gem in our early education crown! PALS, which stands for Phonological Awareness Literacy Screening, is all about giving our kindergartners the best literacy head start. It measures youngsters' knowledge of important literacy fundamentals like name writing, letter recognition, and beginning sounds. This screening helps us tailor our teaching to meet each child's unique needs, ensuring that everyone gets the support they need to become confident readers and writers. It's a proactive approach to literacy that makes learning personalized and so much fun! ✏️

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